This is why I shoot film: Nina Pugliese

This is why I shoot film: Nina Pugliese

My mom did so many artistic things when I was a child. She’s one of the best drawers I ever know, even now. She painted well too. And more, she was an amazing photographer. All the pictures she took in my childhood, of me, of my family, are incredible. And each time I looked in the family album I’m submerged by her talent. And I liked so much this moment, when she told me: “please, stop moving for one second”. One some pictures, you can see that I did things expressively for been token in picture. On one, you can see me dressed with my mom clothes, with her shoes, make-up (by myself) like a clown, or like a tiger (I wanted so much to be a tiger). When she was around 20, she saved money for month to buy a camera: a Minolta x-700. At this time, it coast thousands of franc. And she really wanted to have a that good camera, from the brand which is nicknamed: “Leica of the poor”.

I use past, but she’s not dead. She just stopped everything, photography included. However, she still continued enough longer to give the virus.

I started going on summer camp really young, around three. My mother worked a lot and didn’t have time to take holidays with me. But it was fine for me, I’d already an independent mind. And each departure means that I’ll have one or two disposable camera. It was one of the most exciting things of the leaving. I remembered me, myself, thinking about if taking a shot worse it or not, counting how many frames I had left. Saving some images for my everyday life, back home. Giving the full camera to my mom, and having back images on shiny paper. I remembered the magical feeling I felt, each time I discovered my shots. To be honest, most of them was terrible. There were big parts of fingers on it, the framing not really good (at all), the horizontal line so in a diagonal way that it could turning you seek, some time the subject wasn’t entirely on the image… But I was still so happy, even more when I saw a – too rare – good photography.

Years running and I improved myself. Everyone around me knew I liked photography. And one day, it happened: a family member offered me my first camera, but a digital one. At this moment, between 2005 and 2010, I can’t remember when exactly, it was like discovering a new kind of magic, it was amazing to be able to see directly my images. But it wasn’t the same anymore. I took everything I saw in picture, it was free and unlimited, so not once I thought about what was enough interesting to figure on my film, because film was over. And for too many years. Through this time, I had better and better digital camera. I went to art school and bought my first digital reflex camera. And I was still nostalgic of film, of the quality of my mother’s photography, of the special thing they have, the special moments they create. I was living in Paris and disposable camera came back in force: in the artistic sphere, they were fashion again, and all my friends published pictures of and from disposable camera. My nostalgic feeling increase straightly. But to be fair, I wasn’t satisfying of the quality of what I saw, possibilities were too low. And it was very expensive. So, one weekend, I borough to my mom her Minolta x- 700 and shoot my first roll of film with it, and since then, hundreds.

Thanks for reading ! You can also find Nina’s 5 frames in Châu Đốc here.


Nina Pugliese

Photography lover, trying to mix my art and my historian studies to capture proofs of life that could, maybe one day, be used as archives. To have a look on my work, go on my Instagram page @ninaapugliese !

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