5 frames in Huế

5 frames in Huế

As the old capital of Viet Nam, Hue is a small city located right in the middle of Viet Nam.

You can find both wonderful landscapes, great architectures and many interesting historical stories all around the city.

Shot with a Nikon FM – Nikkor 43 – 86 on Ilford HP5+

To me, as a local that was born and grew up in this city, if I have to choose one word to describe the city, it must be PEACEFUL.

The lifestyle of the residents of Hue is really, really slow, even in the festivals, or holidays, you rarely find a crowded street, or traffic jams.

Like I said at the beginning of the post, Huế is the old capital of Viet Nam, so it seems that the “Royal soul” is still in the city, you can see it clearly not only in the temples, the Citadel, but also in the behavior of people here.

If you have a chance to visit Hue, beside visiting tourist attractions, you can just walk around the city, and feel the atmosphere, and don’t forget to try our specialities because Hue is the most famous city about food in Viet Nam.

And if you are a street photographer, I’m sure that you’ll find something cool here.

Nguyen Hữu Bảo

Nguyen Hữu Bảo

Hữu Bảo Wanderer in Hue, Viet Nam Instagram: wheredowecomefrom.whyarewehere

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