5 frames in Châu Đốc

5 frames in Châu Đốc

I arrived in Chau Doc after travelling in Viet Nam for one month. It was supposed to be my last step before coming back to the North, and I was pretty exhausted. I decided to sleep outside the city, to find a peaceful place for few days, but still close to the center. And my choice drove me across the river, in a small hotel in the eastern part of the city.

Each time I wanted to visit, or just to buy some food, I had to take the bridge crossing Châu Đốc River. And I spent hours on it. It wasn’t a simple bridge, with a meeting of cars, trucks, bicycles and motorbikes. There were always few people sat on the sidewalk, at the highest point, with their motorbikes stopped behind them. They watched the view, the sunset, chilled, had a drink, played kites… People from all ages. I was fascinated. The colors in the morning, during the twilight, the electric lights of headlights, the street lights… I took so many pictures there.

In Chau Doc, my second favorite place was the market. I just had to cross the bridge, to turn directly on my left, then right and straight, and I was arrived. One of the pictures of this article was taken from the bridge, showing the road I had to follow to eat the best food of the country, maybe of the world. Crossing the bridge and coming to the market were the two first things I did in the morning for several days. If I went every day in the market, it wasn’t not only for the street food or for fruits, it was also for the strong contrast between shadow and natural light, to see people buying stuff sitting on their motorbikes on the same time, to watch how it works, to see the colors and the agitation. And to try to capture it as well as I could.


Nina Pugliese

Photography lover, trying to mix my art and my historian studies to capture proofs of life that could, maybe one day, be used as archives. To have a look on my work, go on my Instagram page @ninaapugliese !

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