Grain Viet Nam is both a collaborative zine and website. It is built on the idea that we, the film photographers, need to work as a community. If you’d like to share your knowledge, experience and perspectives here on Grain Viet Nam, I need your words and work out there.

The website and the zine are made by you: readers and contributors. I want them to be representative of the film photography community in Viet Nam as a whole. We invite everyone, no matter your gender, your age, your background, your cameras, the films you use or your photographic style.

Here’s how you can get involved in the project.

Contribute to our zine

Every two months we publish a call for contribution for our collaborative zine. The theme is decided by our contributors on Instagram. You can find the last call for contribution here. For each issue, you can submit up to 10 film photographs through this form. If your pictures are selected, you will be notified by e-mail and will get a 10% discount on the issue.

Thank you for contributing to Grain Viet Nam !!

Write for Grain Viet Nam

There’s nothing easier than to be involved ! You can write the five different topics listed below.

Gear and film stock reviews

As most film photographers, I find myself shooting on different cameras and film stocks. If you have one camera, one lens and a film stock you want to talk about, this is the place to do so.
More than the technicals details of your gear or film, we are really interested in the experience you get when shooting. But don’t forget, nothing is more understandable than photographs.

To submit your content, it happens here.

5 frames in

With 5 frames in, we want to show the beauty and diversity of Viet Nam. You have to share 5 frames from the same role, shot with the same camera and lens in the same location. We also need you to give a bit more details about the location.

Drop me a line or fill this form to submit your article !

In my bag

It’s time for you to show everyone what’s in your bag, what you carry on when you go out and shoot. In this series of article, we want you to share a picture of your camera bag ‘(if you have one), your gear and accessories. Then, tell us the story behind your gear and how you came up shooting with it!
The more you write about yourself, the better. Don’t forget to include a picture including a bag and you contact details (Instagram, e-mail, etc.)

Drop me a line or fill this form to share your article !

This is why I shoot film

This series of articles is all about explaining us why you still shoot film. Tell us how you started, why you started and why you kept on shooting film. Feel free to include few pictures to show your photographic style !

Drop me a line or fill this form to share your article !

Your rights and responsibilities

As a contributor of Grain Viet Nam, all the content you share with us are still your property. If you share content, you have to own the rights to share any third party pictures used in the articles.
When you will contribute for the first time, you will be asked to write a short bio and to include links to your social medias you want to share. Those will be displayed at the bottom of each articles you write for Grain Viet Nam.

Translation of your content

We want the website to be accessible to everyone. In that concern, no matter the language you decide to write in (English or Vietnamese), we will ask you the permission to translate the article to the other language.

If you have any other question don’t hesitate to contact us!