Black & White World Cup by Kosmo Foto

Black & White World Cup by Kosmo Foto

On the 26th of May, Kosmo Foto announced an interesting event: The Black & White World Cup.

The goal of this “competition” is to find which film is the most liked all around the world. And it is an actually tough question. However the rules are easy and you can find them just right here.

The list of films is quite impressive when you look at it… Some are missing, like the great Fuji Neopan that was discontinued for good in October 2018. But it also great that even tiny companies such as Film Washi who produce artisanal film in a small town of France.

This competition is going to be interesting to see, will the winner be one of the mastodon of film photography: Ilford, Kodak or even Lomography ? Or is it going to be newer brands like Bergger, Japan Camera Hunter or Film Washi ?

Making a choice isn’t going to be easy … And you, what’s your favorite film stock ?


  • You can only vote once.
  • For your vote to be eligible, you have to email it to with the title “Black & White World Cup”.
  • You should vote for three films – please don’t vote for four or five or six.
  • Voting is open from midnight on Sunday 26 May to 23.59 on Sunday 30 June (British Summer Time). Any votes received after that will not be counted.
  • You can only choose from films in the list below. Films like Kodak Plus-X, Fuji Neopan and ORWO Isopan SS are all great emulsions from the past but not eligible, sorry.
  • The list includes some rebrands of films (such as Kosmo Foto Mono, Lomography’s black-and-white films, Silberra’s Agfa-made films). This is because many people are fans of particular branded films, not just the original emulsion.
  • For the list of competitors, just click here.

Stay tuned for more news !!

Grain Viet Nam

Grain Viet Nam

Born and raised in France, living in Viet Nam for the last 3 years. Silver halide is running in my blood. I'm the guardian of this collaborative film photography space.

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