Where to buy a film camera (part 2)

Where to buy a film camera (part 2)

Buy a film camera online

Today we take an online break in our guide on where to buy a film camera in Viet Nam. After our guide in Sài Gòn, we explore the internet to find the best places to buy a film camera.


If you are looking for a film camera and don’t really want to go to a shop for that, Facebook is definitely a place you should consider. We highly recommend two groups: Chợ máy ảnh film and Chợ Máy Phim. Strong of more 50k members you can find almost everything you want on these groups.

It mixes professionals and amateurs and the turnover is quite important and sellers are from all over Viet Nam. This group isn’t specialized on any kind of film camera. There are 35mm cameras but also some medium format ones (more rarely though). The great thing is that new items for sale are posted everyday. If you have enough time (and you should take your time) you can find really good cameras for a bargain.

All the places we featured in the first part of our guide also have Facebook pages where they share their products ! Check them out !


Kamerastore is probably my favorite website to buy cameras for few reasons. It is actually divided between 3 entities. Camera Rescue locates unused, unwanted, or broken cameras. Cameramakers repairs or revitalizes them. And Kamerastore gets them into the hands of new customers.

The selection on this website is simply amazing: there are currently 5951 items listed on their website. It goes from a single lens or adaptor to full camera kits. They basically have everything: from cheap point & shoot for 300 000 vnđ or Hasselblad kits for few dozens of millions vnđ.

Moreover, their team review almost, if not all, products listed online. They’re website is really easy to use and it will directly show the cosmetic and mechanical conditions of the product (lens or camera body).

The store is based in Finland, but they ship worldwide for 20€ (500 000 vnđ) via DHL. If you are trying to find a specific camera and are not in a rush. Kamerastore is the place I recommend.

Japan Camera Hunter

Matthew Bellamy aka Japan Camera Hunter is one of the biggest actor in the film photography community around the world. Based in Tokyo, he sources to top of the crop of the film cameras and sell them around the world through is website. He is also the guy behind the JCH STREETPAN, a b&w film made in Belgium.

However as we focus on buying a film camera here, Japan Camera Hunter is a place for dreamers. On this website you will only find mint conditions film cameras. If you need not only a perfect condition, but also a rare camera, you can, for exemple, buy this golden Hasselblad 500C/M for $4 200 (98 000 000 vnđ).

So if money is not a problem in acquiring a new camera, JCH is the website for you.


We can’t talk about online film camera shopping without talking about eBay. The online platform is probably the place with the most film cameras for sale in the world. However, we strongly recommend you to be careful when buying a camera from there.

You will be able to find almost everything you wan’t. Although amazing, there are a few downsides to using eBay. Products on there can be posted by anyone, professionals and amateurs. Sometimes cheating will not be a problem for some. You are never really sure if you are getting what you pay for. But nine times out of ten, it’s as smooth as a baby skin.

The great thing is that you have a lot of Japanese sellers and you can find really great products. Yet, if you consider buying on there, be sure to check the seller reviews before. Also, don’t forget the terms & conditions, sometimes it’s impossible to return the product even if defective…


Buying a film camera online offers tons of possibilities. Despite this, you have to keep in mind that: to the price of the camera will be added several things. First, the delivery rate can be excessive sometimes. But it is especially the customs duties that can quickly increase the price of your purchase when it is carried out internationally. As you buy online, there’s always a chance that your purchase will not be 100% as expected.

If you know any other website or platforms to buy film cameras online, don’t hesitate to contact us !

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